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Getting around Charleston

Crowded as they are onto a narrow peninsula, most Charleston streets are parallel or perpendicular, and many are narrow or one-way. While a rough grid is evident, the angle of the grid shifts along the dividing line of Beaufain and Hasell streets in the lower part of town.

Several major north-south streets traverse the city. King Street (US 78), one-way heading south below Calhoun St., and Meeting Street (US 52), a two-way street one block east, run through downtown and the historic districts. E. Bay Street (US 52A) branches off from Meeting Street in the north and winds down the east side, becoming E. Battery Street and then Murray Boulevard as it swings around The Battery. Ashley and Rutledge streets, a block apart and going one way north and south respectively, connect with the western end of Murray Boulevard.

Major east-west streets that cross all of the above thoroughfares south of the US 17 artery include Calhoun and Broad streets, both going two ways, and Tradd Street, one way eastbound. The speed limit is 30 mph unless otherwise posted.

Unless otherwise posted, a right turn on red and a left turn from a one-way street onto a one-way street are permitted after a complete stop.

Metered parking at 25c for 20 minutes can be found on downtown streets; metered spaces are free after 6 p.m. and on Sunday. Parking garages also are available throughout the area; fees are $1-$2 per hour. Some garages offer early-bird specials of $5-$8 for all-day parking.